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We are committed to doing everything possible to get you the help you need.


In order to give you the best treatment possible we need to understand your body. We will complete a thorough clinical history, and a comprehensive examination.


At Living Strong Chiropractic we work together. We discuss our findings with you so you know where you stand. There are no hidden surprises with us.


Once we know what has been causing your condition, we will tailor a treatment plan for you, specific for your needs and to your goals


Once you get well it is important for you to stay well. Where appropriate to your condition, we may recommend using periodic maintenance adjustments, specific rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice to help you to prevent problems from returning.


Welcome to our space on the web, your information highway to learn about all things Living Strong Chiropractic…


Our purpose is to inspire and educate you and your family in ways to get healthy and stay healthy so you can live the life you truly deserve.


Our goal is to support you in healing, repairing and recovering.


Our passion is your continual journey to thriving within your life, a life filled with vitality and wellness.


Michael Has spent over 20 years practicing as a functional chiropractor and wellness practitioner.

A proud father of two, you might bump into Michael out running, doing cross-fit or grimacing in Clevedon’s Marine lake.

Michael was drawn to Chiropractic through his own health experiences – including many injuries from Rugby and Athletics.  It wasn’t just the fast recovery (when nothing else worked and serious surgery seemed inevitable), Michael noticed a whole array of other health benefits- including more energy, better sleep and greater wellbeing.

So in 1994 Michael left Ireland to study Chiropractic in the AECC Chiropractic College in Bournemouth, since then Michael has travelled extensively throughout the world to learn and enhance his skills and knowledge, not just in Chiropractic and Nutrition but in many aspects of improving our health.

In 2016 Michael found a new challenge and so founded Living Strong Chiropractic.

As Michael likes to say “everyday we see people who are sick, tired and struggling with aches/pains/headaches and other ailments…our passion is to support and inspire as many people as possible to not just get healthy but stay healthy so they can live the life they deserve”.


Dr. Jack’s mission is to improve and enhance the life of every person who walks through his door and the community at large.  Whether physically by touch or mentally through education and his enthusiasm for positive change.

After graduating with merit from a Master’s Degree in 2012, his purpose has been to be a positive influence on the world. To inspire, empower and guide people towards better function and wellbeing through support, encouragement and reassurance.

He believes in a multi-dimensional approach to health and function, not solely relying on any one method but a vast array of different techniques acquired over his years in practice.  No two people are the same, so neither should their care be!  He works consistently to achieve the highest standards of care possible in order to give people the best healing experience possible.  He strives for unparalleled excellence in his approach to each person, leaving no stone unturned and leaving nothing to guesswork.

His vision is for people to seek Chiropractic care out as their first choice in their healthcare needs and to recognise the spine and nervous system and its ability to control, influence and regulate the health and function of every single muscle, cell, organ and tissue in the body as the key to an optimal life. 

Jack and his wife-to-be, Nicola, have a son, William, who is his pride, joy and ever-present motivation to be the best father, husband and Chiropractor he can be.  He has been fortunate enough to work with thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, from new-born babies to the World’s Strongest Man.

In his spare time, Jack loves adventuring through the wilderness with his son strapped to his back, taking photos and making a mess in his woodworking shop.

His objective is to facilitate a happier, healthier and stronger humanity.

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