Chiropractic is like gravity

“I don’t believe in Chiropractic”

While chiropractic is wonderfully unique and different, it is not something that you have to “believe in”.

Like gravity, it works whether you believe in it or not!

Chiropractic produces results because it acknowledges scientifically confirmed facts:
The NERVOUS SYSTEM controls everything in your body. Nerve impulses flow from the brain, down the spinal cord and into every organ and tissue. Impulses sent back to the brain confirm that the body is functioning normally.

“Once I start, do I have to go for the rest of my life?”

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. However, your spine, just like your teeth, needs ongoing care at some level or problems will inevitably begin again. Would you go to the dentist to get your teeth checked without maintaining some level of care?

Health in our whole body is an ongoing process.

“Chiropractic results are all in your head”

This is a convenient claim made by critics who have chosen to overlook convincing proof to the contrary. Being “all in your head” implies the power of suggestion. Yet, chiropractic results have been experienced by newborns, infants, pets and others for whom the power of suggestion isn’t possible! The power of suggestion can’t begin to explain the millions of patients who have been helped with chiropractic care.

So, if you brush your teeth to keep them healthy why not try some chiropractic treatment at Living Strong to keep your nervous system healthy too?

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