Exercises You Can Do With a Loved One

Exercising doesn’t have to be done alone! As it’s February, the month of Valentine’s Day, we felt that it would be a good idea to have a blog on exercises you can do as a pair. Of course, you can do these exercises with anyone, but having a regular exercise plan with your significant other means you can both feel the benefits of the workout,  strengthen your muscles, and your relationship all at once!

I know it’s blowing a gale this week and we’re all recovering from storm Ciara but we really do live in a beautiful area – and it’s flat along the marina!

Exercises for You and Your Partner

High Five Push-ups – Push-ups are a great way to strengthen your body and upper core, start on the ground and perform a push up at the same time, then high five with opposite hands and go back down again, repeat this swapping hands each time. This helps to improve your balance, and adds a fun game of who can last longer!

Seated Stretch –  As in the name, this is more of a stretch but will help improve your flexibility whilst also burning calories! You both have to sit on the ground facing each other with your legs outstretched into a diamond formation. Hold the hands of each other then take turns in pulling the other person towards you. Don’t pull too hard though; you might snap something!

Sit-up Pass – This one requires a weighted object, so anything from a bag of rice to a medicine ball will do. Lay on the floor toe to toe, and you both perform a sit-up at the same time. The person with the weight hands it to the other person, and you both lay back down, the person with the weight places it above their head on the floor. Repeat this and alternate who holds the weight. This is great for your core and also your lower back.

Paired Squat – Squatting helps to tone your glutes and quads, strengthening both muscles in the process. Hold each other’s arms and begin to lower yourself down, you should both be holding on to each other as this adds extra weight to your squats because you’re supporting the other person, giving you that extra oomph to your exercise!

Paired Lunge –  This is the same manoeuvre as the paired squat but you both perform a lunge instead! This helps to keep your posture correct when lunging to get the right areas activated.

Healthiness for Everyone!

We believe in helping your mobility, and getting out every day will help so many areas of your health. Working out with your partner can really help release any stress and tension you may be holding onto, and having someone there to motivate you will likely increase how hard you push yourself! 

If you’re feeling aches or pains give us a call or pop in to book an adjustment today!

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