How could you benefit with a healthy Nervous System?

We know that your Nervous System coordinates every function in your entire body. Having it checked regularly ensures it is always performing optimally.

Just like you may take your car in for its MOT & service, have your teeth checked by your dentist, your eyes checked by an optician. We check the Nervous System.

Let us tell you why….

The state of the autonomic nervous system determines whether the body is in the sympathetic (think fight / flight mode or go, go, go when you accelerate your car) it is in defensive and survival mode, and in this mode, our normal body functions are compromised in many ways they have negative impacts on our health if sustained for a long period of time leading to all of your aches and pains. For example:

  • Digestion stops, making it difficult to digest complex foods such as gluten and other common allergens
  • Immune system function is compromised due to decreased tissue hydration and poor circulation function in fight or flight.
  • Body structure compresses, especially at the joints, leading to chronic pain or joint pain
  • Memory formation is impaired

On the other hand, when the nervous system is in the parasympathetic state (think easing on the breaks in your car, taking the scenic route and cruising during your journey), the body is able to function normally, as well as to repair, regenerate & heal itself. A healthy nervous system has an optimal balance of activation of both the parasympathetic and activation of the sympathetic. 

In modern society, our busy lifestyle often makes it difficult to flip back to the parasympathetic state once the sympathetic has been activated, and it is therefore not uncommon to experience chronic over activation of the fight or flight/ go, go, go nervous system giving you symptoms of more pain, aches and fatigue.

At Living Strong we work with you to balance your nervous system. Allowing you to function and perform to your very best, so you live a full quality of life.

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