I don’t shower any more; I brush my teeth instead

I don’t eat vegetables any more. I meditate instead.

I don’t teach my 5-year-old to read any more. We’re focusing on finger-painting instead.

I don’t drink water any more. I go jogging instead.

I don’t exercise any more. I write in my gratitude journal every day instead.

Dumb, huh?

OK, how about this one?

I don’t get adjusted any more. I lift weights/get a massage/see a physio/do yoga/get acupuncture/put up with it because I’m getting older ..!

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with finger-painting. It’s just not reading.

There’s nothing wrong with meditation. It’s just got less vitamins than a vegetable.

And there’s nothing wrong with lifting weights, getting a massage, doing yoga, or getting acupuncture. It’s just not the same as getting adjusted to remove interference caused by subluxations. There’s no exercise, no diet, no vitamin supplement, no lifestyle choice that replicates the specific benefits of a chiropractic adjustment.

That’s why it makes sense to get adjusted regularly AND get a massage, do some stretching, eat a “clean” diet, do some regular exercise, write in a journal and so many other health-generating behaviours.

Sometimes those lifestyle choices are vitally important if we want to create a change with a particular health challenge. A focussed muscle rehabilitation program monitored by a physio can help get you back on your feet after a knee reconstruction. Some attention to the dietary stresses in our life can be the key to conquering those persistent headaches.

As for putting up with it, whatever “it” is … that sits squarely in the “dumb” column. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 25 years in chiropractic, it’s that “wherever there’s life, there’s hope.” Giving up is never the best option.

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

By Dr Tony Croke, chiropractor

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