Living Strong Chiropractic…. And Yoga?

Chiropractic and yoga both exhibit the factors required for lifelong therapeutic wellness and illness prevention. Both are grounded in science and draw parallels in recognising the important benefits to both mind and body in keeping the spine aligned.

One of the many goals of the chiropractors at Living Strong is to ensure that the motion between all joints in the body is proper and sufficient. If the musculoskeletal system is not in proper alignment, the central nervous system cannot properly relay information to the body which can increase your susceptibility to illness and injury.

There are various traditions of yoga, most of which, aim to unite the body and the mind.  Postures are perhaps the part of yoga mostly practiced, but many people do not realise that when practiced regularly, yoga has much more to offer than simply another form of “exercise”.
In addition to re-aligning the spine, yoga helps us control the breath, the mind, and improves internal awareness.

By balancing our mind and body, we can reduce the effects of our daily stress, and ultimately, lead happier, healthier lives. Too often we keep pushing through our daily routines, hoping that our stressful lives will change at some point. For many, stress leads to heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, depression and anxiety – but, instead of examining the root of the problem, people immediately turn to medication to dull the often overwhelming, pain, sadness or nervousness.

At living strong we aim to provide you with positive tools and techniques to aid you in living your life with the greatest health and fulfilment. Why not pop in and learn more about how regular chiropractic treatment and practicing yoga can help you?.. Plus, the kettle is always on & tea is always a good idea!!

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