Small Changes That Can Make a Big Difference

Have you made a new year’s resolution to be healthier? How is it going so far? Making big open-ended goals such as this can make it difficult to stay motivated as you may not be able to think of ways to achieve it. As we discussed in our video on Facebook “How Small Changes that will Make a Huge Impact To Your Health in 2020!” you should think of your resolution as more of an intention, you intend to be healthier! It’s easier to think of your intentions as adding something to your life, rather than taking something away. To give yourself the best chance of success, you should focus on small changes to your life style which will all add up to a big difference.

What Can You Do?

Take the Stairs – taking the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator is a small step that can help improve the strength of your leg muscles and offers some light cardiovascular exercise.

Drink More Water – Remembering to drink water during a hectic day can be a task in itself. If you find yourself forgetting to stay hydrated, setting alarms telling you to drink a cup can help remind you. There are also water-tracking apps that you can download that do this automatically. If you find water a bit too boring then you could have more cups of tea, or squash. Some water is better than none!

Get Off the Bus Earlier – You could also consider getting off the bus a stop earlier than your usual stop and walk the extra distance. This may add 5 minutes to your journey, but it’s an easy way to get a few minutes of exercise into your daily routine.

Eat from a Smaller Plate – Using a smaller plate for your meals means you will be eating a smaller portion size. Of course, if you’re still hungry you can have more of the food but by starting small it allows your body enough time to react to being full, meaning less chance of over indulging.

Replace Unhealthy Snacks with Healthy Ones – Is your cupboard filled with unhealthy snacks like chocolate and crisps? Try replacing these snacks with healthier ones such as fruits and nuts. Removing the temptation from your home makes it easier to eat healthier, and fruits and nuts give you a great boost of essential vitamins and fats that your body loves.

New Year New You!

Taking all these steps into consideration can help improve your health without making drastic changes to your routine, allowing you to achieve your new year’s intentions far more easily. If you want

If you want to take your health to the next level, setting up a chiropractic session can be a great way to top up the steps above. Call us or pop in today!

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