The Best and Worst Positions to Sleep In

We sleep every night! Or at least we should… Ensuring you sleep in the best possible position for your spine is one small step you can take to help with alignment. Sleeping in a way that doesn’t support your spine can cause aches and pains that are easily avoided!

What Position Should You Sleep In?

I can tell you what position you shouldn’t sleep in, on your stomach! Whilst stomach sleeping can help with snoring issues, many studies show that this is the worst position for your spine, and unnecessarily strains your lower back. It also forces your neck into an unnatural position which can lead to a tense neck the next day.

The best position is on your back, as this mimics the natural alignment of your spine. Using a relatively flat pillow means your neck isn’t forced towards your chest and reduces stress to the neck muscles whereas a thicker pillow may cause you neck pain as it is stretching your neck. If you want to take your sleep to the next level, adding a small support pillow under your knees lifts them up a bit, straightening out your body even more!

Fear not side sleepers! Sleeping in a foetal position is a great way to improve circulation and is especially great for those who are pregnant because it stops the uterus from putting pressure on the liver. Putting a pillow between your knees in this position helps to reduce the pressure on your joints and so usage should also be considered. Ensure you don’t go too tight on the foetal position though; you don’t want to restrict your breathing!

Spinal Support is Important!

Whatever position you choose to sleep in, spinal support should be key! If your spine is properly supported during your sleep, you reduce the chances of waking up with aches and pains! Sleeping correctly, and scheduling regular adjustments and alignments will help to alleviate any pains you may be experiencing.

Get in contact if you need help with an achy back, an alignment can help reduce pain and stiffness!

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