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The whole purpose of chiropractic is to improve the way your body functions.

Because your Central Nervous System (that’s your brain, spinal cord and nerves) controls everything in your body, the better this system functions, the better you function.

If there is interference in this system, the more prone we tend to be to weakness, dysfunction, injury, sickness and disease.

Vertebral Subluxations are misalignments of your spine that put pressure on these nerves, reducing their function. This usually starts off painless, so oftentimes we are unaware!

Subluxations are caused by our body’s inability to deal with a build-up of life’s three major stress groups:

  • Physical Stressors
  • Nutritional/Toxic Stressors and
  • Mental-Emotional Stressors.

If left uncorrected, subluxations can have negative effects upon human health and wellbeing. Because the nerves control everything in your body, having them restricted can result in a variety of dysfunction which can ultimately lead to symptoms, i.e. pain.

Subluxations create Weakness.
Weakness creates Dysfunction.
Dysfunction creates Injury / Ill health.

If we locate and work to correct subluxations, restore proper function as well as showing you ways to stop recreating them in the future you may:

  • Feel Better
  • Prevent Problems in the Future
  • Reduce the Effects of the Ageing Process
  • Have a Better Quality of Life

Subluxations are a health problem, …….not just a back problem!
This is our focus at Living Strong.

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