What is wellness?

Everywhere you look these days in health care it seems that all types of providers are offering you “Wellness” services.

There was a time not long ago when only Natural Healthcare doctors, like Chiropractors, offered this type of service. At that time chiropractors were called “quacks” for offering wellness approaches.

Now you see the term ‘Wellness’ being used throughout the healthcare field.

It’s obvious that the acceptance of a superior life, with natural health care, is quickly gaining more ground.

With this explosion in wellness services and with everyone getting on the bandwagon, it’s important for patients to understand what they are really getting when they access wellness care from a provider or clinic. Is the service actually going to provide a benefit to you in terms of improved health OR is the term “Wellness” merely being used as a buzzword to get you in the door?

The Wellness or Holistic approach to a healthy Nervous System has its roots from the beginnings of Chiropractic as far back as 1895.

At Living Strong Chiropractic, we believe that Wellness is an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.

We want to help you re-ignite your body’s ability to heal itself, to feel vitalized and full of energy, allowing you to live with less pain or illness, more energy, passion and vitality and help your body to work the best it can.

The benefits of regular Chiropractic treatment along with physical activity and a healthy eating lifestyle, will help to maintain your Nervous System and therefore your health and vitality.

Ultimately, our aim at Living Strong is to help you to reach your full potential physically, mentally and emotionally.

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