At Living Strong Chiropractic the kettle is always on..

From the moment you arrive you are greeted with a warm and welcoming smile, with plenty of conversation within our relaxing reception area.

During your first visit, our priority is for you to start your journey towards returning to optimal health..

Health Questionnaire

We have a health questionnaire for you to fill in that help us get to know you. It gives us a good head start to understand why you have come to visit us. This gives you the opportunity to let us know of the health concerns you currently have and it also allows us to review the accumulation of life’s many different stresses, that may of lead to these concerns over the years.


You will then meet and have a conversation with one of our chiropractors. Together we go through a thorough case history and explain the many “why’s” that often come up regarding chiropractic. We want you to understand, so you can help yourself and your body the best way you can.


Chiropractic seeks to analyse the spine, access the nervous system and make specific corrections exactly where needed. This then allows your nervous system to function better and begin the journey to a better state of health.

During the consultation we want to make sure the technique of chiropractic we practice is right and beneficial for you. A full body and nervous system examination is undertaken by measuring your postural alignment, your functional movement and many other tests and techniques to accurately measure the function of your body and nervous system, so we can design a bespoke program of care for you. All of these tests are completely pain free.

Report of Findings

After your consultation you will be asked to organise your next appointment at our reception, this is called your report of findings. This gives us time to analyse and put together a detailed report of the information we gathered during your consultation. This report will give you a better understanding of how Chiropractic can help you and improve your health and vitality. Attached to this report is your plan of action to assist you in getting to your health goals step by step. Every plan applies the flexibility that is tailored to your lifestyle and budget.


Appointments thereafter are your adjustment sessions, a specific, safe correction made to the spine to rebalance your nervous system. The adjustments are not painful. However, after your first adjustment your body and nervous system are undergoing a big change. To maximise the benefits, give your body the time and rest to heal.

Every appointment gives us the opportunity to coach you with techniques and tips to live your life the healthiest way possible.


After several visits, we revisit the where we started, re-doing the original tests so we can measure and analyse your progress to date, nothing is left to guess work. That way, we can continue to tailor your program of care to support your lifestyle and continue to work towards those health goals.

Everyone deserves health and vitality...

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