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What to expect on the mat

Jodie share’s her teaching as a means to inspire, and help individuals connect and find balance within their lives. Her approach is all about you as an individual, opening the door to a more holistic approach to finding your own sense of health and wellbeing with an emphasis on what feels good for the individual on the mat. Jodie guides you in a way that is clear and encouraging, holding a safe space for you to explore the practice of yoga.

In my belief, we know everything already, all the wisdom found in yoga philosophy is within us in some way & so having the space to explore that and be guided is the practice. As a teacher its holding the space for people to do that. There is something really special about having a group of people together, creating a safe space for them to dive deep into their practice and help to guide them through whatever comes up.

Jodie Withyman

Our Classes

Vinyasa flow

Mondays – The Physiotherapy & Pilates centre, BS21 6QH
Wednesdays – The Physiotherapy & Pilates centre, BS21 6QH
You will be guided through a movement meditation – Vinyasa Flow; meaning ‘place with awareness’ synchronizing breath with movement as you flow through a creative sequence of postures linked by the thread of the breath in a flowing style. Reawaken your strength, energy and flexibility while linking conscious breath with mindful movement. An authentic experience of mind/ body unity that will leave you feeling calm and connected!

Yin Yoga

Wednesdays – The Physiotherapy & Pilates centre, BS21 6QH
A meditative class for you to sink into stillness, peace and attentiveness. Enter a deep state of relaxation and release, creating space in your body and mind. This class presents the opportunity to surrender into postures without the effort. It brings you to a state of being, not doing. You will develop an inner awareness and serenity as you ease into these healing & prop supported postures for a few minutes or more. The extended time will work towards opening the thicker layers of connective tissue around the joints unravelling areas of tension.

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